Thank you


Thank you to everyone who made it out to Maine for our wedding! Thanks especially to those who we put to work getting the island ready for the event! We couldn’t have done any of it without the kind and generous help of our friends and family.

We wanted to share one special photo with you. On Monday the 16th we packed up our last boat full of luggage, supplies and decorations and made our way back to the dock in Falmouth. We decided to take a break and eat dinner at the restaurant on the dock, the Sea Grille. With Murphy exhausted and fast asleep below our table we shared our first meal together alone as a married couple and talked about the past few days. During our conversation we looked back out toward Sturdivant Island and there was a rainbow arching over Casco Bay and landing on the southern tip where we had just been married!

Keep checking back! We still have many posts to add of behind-the-scenes work and projects, including Whitney’s dress, the napkin favors, table tags etc… We will also post photos from the Friends + Family Gathering at Flatbread, the ferry boat ride on the Pied Piper and the wedding itself.


New Address


We are moving to Charlottesville Virginia!

We are packing now and plan to fill up a moving truck on Monday the 30th. We’ll start our drive on Tuesday morning. Billy starts school at the end of August, so we’ll have some time to get settled in our new home. We are excited to plan a special area in the new house for our baby…now 25 weeks along.

Our new address will be:

1001 A  Avon Street
Charlottesville, VA 22902

Friends + Family Gathering

We are really hoping to see everyone at the Friends + Family Gathering the night before the wedding!

It is at 8pm at Flatbread, located right next to the Portland Town Landing where you will depart from for the wedding.

8:00pm . . . . . Family + Friends Gathering
Please joins us for a gathering of Family + Friends the day before the wedding at:


72 Commercial Street
Portland, Maine

(The restaurant/bar overlooks Casco Bay and the Portland Town Landing.)

Wedding Attire

A lot people have been asking about what is appropriate to wear to the wedding, so we thought it would be a good idea to make some suggestions.

The ceremony, cocktail hour and reception will all be outdoors, rain or shine. The areas will be tented if it is raining. There are no paved paths on the island, so stiletto heels are probably not a great idea. Also, even though it is in Maine, it could be hot/sunny so black suits are discouraged.

For most guests, your visit will be bracketed by boat rides, which can be chilly even on a warm day. The ride back to Portland will be at night, so you’ll be glad you have a suit jacket/blazer for gentlemen or a sweater or shawl for ladies.

We would like to encourage people to stick with the color scheme of the wedding if possible. We are wearing white/ivory, blues, aquas, greens, browns and grays.

Custom Rings

As if we didn’t need another project…we decided to design our wedding bands.

Unfortunately/luckily neither one of us is (yet) well-versed in metallurgy, so we have been working with Jade Moran. These are our wax blanks…we are hoping to pick up the real thing this week.

Making: Cakes (2)

We took a very long time between cake experiments…but we moved on to the next stages: Filling and Frosting.

We had pretty much settled on filling, so that part was easy. The frosting presented a challenge for us. We made 6 different types of frosting. We iced small pieces of cake and have some in the fridge and some sitting out to test their shelf-life and tastiness.

Marriage License

Last trip to Maine before the wedding…

Yesterday we took what we hope will be our last trip up to Maine before the wedding.

Murphy enjoyed the drive, the day was hot, but beautiful. Punctuated by sun showers and steaming roads.




We visited the Town Clerk in Cumberland to pick up our marriage license. Thanks to Chad’s preparation the visit went  smoothly.

Billy signing the paperwork!






We visited the Snell Family Farm where we discussed flowers for the ceremony and reception decorations.









We visited the boat dock in Falmouth where we will park for the weekend. It’s also the place that will be receiving all of the deliveries of supplies that we need to stock the island with…including tents, tables, chairs, ice etc…