Making: Save the Dates

The process

In designing business cards and wedding invitations for other people, we’ve had a lot of interaction with professional printers, but this time we decided to give them a rest. We were able to source all the materials to produce our own “Save the Date” magnets. Printed on photo paper and mounted to magnetic sheets, they will stick to most metal surfaces, but should be kept away from liquids.

The design

Studying and working in architecture is like developing a brand. You find your accent colors, pick your fonts, and start figuring out the elements of design that are most significant to you. We share a love for warm wood tones, striking greens and blues, and clean lines. We are excited for an outdoor wedding in a meadow by the ocean, surrounded by the weathered wood structures of New England. Whitney’s modified NOAA map of Casco Bay paired with the font, brown paper packaging and rubber-stamped labels that are a trademark of our Etsy shop are the epitome of our aesthetic.

Whitney + Billy


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