family events

Welcome to Sturdivant Island!
You are welcome to come over to the island any time on Friday (prior to the rehearsal). Please coordinate with each other for a water taxi. Each taxi fits 6-8 people. We can make sure everyone knows where everyone else is staying and has appropriate phone numbers. When you get to the island we’ll introduce everyone and then put you to work. We are looking forward to spending the day with everyone we love most in one place!

Water Taxi: 207.415.8493
Island Water Taxi: 207.776.5384
Presumpscot Water Taxi: 207.879.2562

2:00pm . . . . . Wedding Rehearsal
Please join us for the wedding rehearsal on Sturdivant Island.

After the rehearsal we will all head over to Portland for the rehearsal dinner at 5:45.

6:30pm . . . . . Rehearsal Dinner

72 Commercial Street
Portland, Maine

(The restaurant/bar overlooks Casco Bay and the Portland Town Landing.)

8:00pm . . . . . Family + Friends Gathering
After dinner we will be joined by other wedding guests for an evening of Friends + Family.

10:30pm . . . . . Back to the Island
People staying on the island will head back for a good night’s rest and people in Portland, don’t stay out too late!

Please join us anytime after 11am to help us get ready for the big day!

4:45pm . . . . . Welcome Arriving Guests
Please be at the Dock on Sturdivant Island to help us by welcoming the rest of our friends + family to the island as they disembark from the Ferry Boat.

5:15 . . . . . Ceremony Site
Please help lead all the guests to the ceremony area and get everyone seated for the ceremony starting at 5:30. As the most honored guests, please sit in the first row, unless your roles require you elsewhere.

  • Wedding Ceremony!
  • Cocktail Hour
  • Family Dinner
  • Dancing

10:00pm . . . . . Ferry Departs
The Pied Piper Ferry will arrive at the Sturdivant Island dock to bring you back to Portland.

11:00pm . . . . . Ferry Arrives back at Portland Town Landing


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