Making: Cakes (2)

We took a very long time between cake experiments…but we moved on to the next stages: Filling and Frosting.

We had pretty much settled on filling, so that part was easy. The frosting presented a challenge for us. We made 6 different types of frosting. We iced small pieces of cake and have some in the fridge and some sitting out to test their shelf-life and tastiness.


Making: Invitations

You have hopefully received your invitation by now, so here is your chance to peek behind the scenes at what went into making them and just how crazy we really are… : )

Whitney + Billy

[ Note: I’m not pictured working on the invitations in these photographs because I took them. I did help a little, but ultimately, it’s my beautiful Whitney who deserves the majority of the credit for making this idea a reality. –Billy ]

Making: Cakes (1)

Since we will be making the cakes for our wedding, we decided to give ourselves time to do a couple of experiments. The first was cake batter and we think we may have a winner…

Whitney + Billy

What size ring?

During the few weeks leading up to Christmas Billy gave me two different rings spaced about a week apart. He made them both out of random pieces of arts and crafts supplies we had. …brass strips, aluminum wire, 1/4 of a resin bead. He was busy filling out grad school applications and I had been working on making Christmas presents for our families. I found it odd that he found time to make me rings…

I found out on December 29th, when he proposed to me, that he had made the rings to figure out what size engagement ring to buy!


Making: Save the Dates

The process

In designing business cards and wedding invitations for other people, we’ve had a lot of interaction with professional printers, but this time we decided to give them a rest. We were able to source all the materials to produce our own “Save the Date” magnets. Printed on photo paper and mounted to magnetic sheets, they will stick to most metal surfaces, but should be kept away from liquids.

The design

Studying and working in architecture is like developing a brand. You find your accent colors, pick your fonts, and start figuring out the elements of design that are most significant to you. We share a love for warm wood tones, striking greens and blues, and clean lines. We are excited for an outdoor wedding in a meadow by the ocean, surrounded by the weathered wood structures of New England. Whitney’s modified NOAA map of Casco Bay paired with the font, brown paper packaging and rubber-stamped labels that are a trademark of our Etsy shop are the epitome of our aesthetic.

Whitney + Billy

Making: Wedding Decor (1)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Without giving away too much, my gift to Whitney this Valentine’s Day included this heart-shaped wire sculpture. In the last picture, you might catch a glimpse of some of the exciting wedding decorations.