Custom Rings

As if we didn’t need another project…we¬†decided to design our wedding bands.

Unfortunately/luckily neither one of us is (yet) well-versed in metallurgy, so we have¬†been working with Jade Moran. These are our wax blanks…we are hoping to pick up the real thing this week.


What size ring?

During the few weeks leading up to Christmas Billy gave me two different rings spaced about a week apart. He made them both out of random pieces of arts and crafts supplies we had. …brass strips, aluminum wire, 1/4 of a resin bead. He was busy filling out grad school applications and I had been working on making Christmas presents for our families. I found it odd that he found time to make me rings…

I found out on December 29th, when he proposed to me, that he had made the rings to figure out what size engagement ring to buy!